1040 – Sandra Silvers & Darla Crane
45 photos; 11:51 video
December 9, 2011
Casting Couch Captives!
Aspiring actresses, Darla and Sandra answer a casting call for Glamorous Girls in Gowns to appear in a new feature. The audition was in Burbank, so they would have to drive out there together.  When they get there, they are given a script and told to take a seat on the couch. The director tells them that this role contains a scene where they would have to be tied up and that they should get that part out of the way first. The girls agree and soon, they are both tightly bound and gagged with huge ballgags. Not sure what to do, they giggle and smile around the gags, posing coyly for the camera. But the mood changes.  The director collects their purses and makes his way to the door. Confused they try to gag-talk to each other to figure out what is going on.  The director doesn’t return, and they start to struggle for real.  Then they hear the familiar sound of Sandra’s sports car starting on the street below followed by squealing tires!  Her car is being stolen!  They hop over to the large picture window to verify that it was indeed her car.  They pound on the windows, but get no one’s attention.  Hopping back to the couch, our gorgeous heroines try to free each other.  Their struggles take them from the couch to the floor.  When they finally get the cruel gags removed,  Sandra asks the important question, “Do you think we got the part?”  Comedy, Hopping & Gag-talking abound in this feature!

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